Our Mission

“We Provide the Education, You Provide the Motivation”™

Digital Masters provides educational materials for Internet Marketers and individuals who want to start home based businesses. We have free and paid courses and other free information available that cover virtually every aspect of Internet Marketing and making money online. We have made every attempt to make this information affordable by enabling you to pay for what you need. Unlike other educational platforms where courses tend to expire after you have taken them, our courses do not expire and stay available in your account for on-going reference. Furthermore we do not grade courses and you can go through them in any order you wish.

A Note About Internet Marketing:

You can make money on the internet but you must approach it like a business. It will require an expenditure of time and some financial resources. It is a sound business practice to pick a single concept, start with a low budget, do test marketing and then scale up once you have found a profitable niche.

In general you should avoid programs that claim you can make money on auto-pilot, using push-button software, require little or no work or where 13 year olds are making millions sitting on a beach. These are marketing ploys designed to enrich the sellers of these products at your expense. You should also beware of high priced marketing programs that sell for thousands of dollars. While some of these programs may provide legitimate business opportunities, many of them are simply Ponzi schemes. In other words once you pay the fee to join, you then have to bring in other members willing to spend the same large fee to join the program in order for you to make any money.

Here is just a small sample of some of the legitimate ways you can make money on the internet:

E-commerce stores
Membership Sites
Google Adsense
CPA Offers
Affiliate Marketing
Selling domains and websites
Selling services to local businesses
such as seo and video creation
Sell on ebay, etsy and craigslist

The key to success in this business is traffic generation. You can have the greatest website in the world but if no one knows about it you will not make a dime. Therefore once your website is setup you will need to implement some of the numerous methods available to drive traffic to it. Extensive information regarding traffic generation can be found on this website.

It is a good idea to have a domain and website where you can setup sales, optin and download pages. A single domain can provide numerous different services by placing each one in a different directory. For domain purchases I recommend Godaddy and for webhosting Bluehost. I have been using both services for many years and in my opinion they are the best in the field.